08: Remote Monitoring Technology in Pulmonary Care (Melissa Manice, PhD, May 2018)


07: Disrupting Healthcare … From Silicon Valley to Rural India (Amit Garg, Mar 2018)


06: International Patient Services (Raffaella Molteni, Jan 2018)

05: Senior Care, Dementia, and Rehabilitation in Central Europe (Kristof Jacunski, Nov 2017)


04: Financing Healthcare Projects in Emerging Markets (Paul Sacks, PhD, Nov 2017)


03: Continuum of Care in the Middle East (Howard Podolsky, MD, Oct 2017)

02: Integrated Health Platforms in Canada & Thailand (Skip Schwartz, Oct 2017)


01: Biopharma Investment Opportunities (William J. Garner, MD, Sep 2017)


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