Online Physician Reviews and Ratings … Yea or Nay?


If you asked the average American when they last searched online for customer reviews of a product or service, they would probably say “within the past few days.” Internet reviews have become ubiquitous for almost everything that we purchase. Google a local restaurant, hotel, barber, bike shop, or hardware store, and instantaneously, you will see a map, photos and customer reviews. Dig further on popular sites such as Yelp, Amazon, TripAdvisor, or Angie’s List and you will find additional detailed feedback such as quality, value, location, durability, satisfaction, etc. Continue reading

Emerging Technologies – Concussion Detection and Management

American Football

As we settle into autumn and turn our collective consciousness to American football, we are reminded of the ever-present risk of physical injury, particular to the head. A flurry of media reports and clinical studies in recent years have highlighted concerns about traumatic brain injury (TBI) and its long-term effects on players. Fortunately, this focus is also leading to the development of new technologies geared toward early detection and diagnosis of brain injury. Continue reading

Health & Fitness Wearables – Next Gen Devices Key to Growth


I have to admit. I’m not yet fully sold on health and fitness wearables. I guess my impression of these products is similar to most Americans who are relatively healthy.

     Do I need to know my heart rate, steps taken, or stairs climbed throughout the day?

     If so, how accurate is the information and how do I use it to improve my health?

     Do I have to upload the data to an app on my phone and then figure out the analytics? Continue reading