2 thoughts on “Senior Care, Dementia, and Rehabilitation in Central Europe

  1. William P Crawford November 27, 2017 / 3:25 pm

    Good morning Zubin,

    I really enjoyed your interview with Kristof Jacunski, the President and Managing Director of Origin Polska, where he discusses his plans for developing senior care, dementia, and rehabilitation programs in Central Europe.

    As you know everywhere I travel both domestic and abroad and visit long term care facility that most closely resembles Assisted Living in the U.S.

    So far, it’s been my experience that many countries do not have an Assisted Living Facility.

    I just returned from a trip in Reykjavik, Iceland where they only have a Nursing Home.

    However, it was very well done and based on the Danish model.

    Home like (each resident furnishes their room with their own furniture from home), their food choices were conducive to optimal health and well being (lean meats – grass fed lamb, fish and fresh made bread / matza).

    Based on your interview with Kristof and my personal experience abroad it seems to me that many countries are just beginning to seriously deal with caring for their elders beyond a Nursing Home setting (e.g. Assisted Living).

    In many ways Kristof’s approach seems to be ahead of the curve as it relates to Pro Active Rehabilitation to keep our elders strong, at home and avoid serious injury or worse passing away prematurely.

    I’d like to know what your thoughts are on the above comments.

    William Crawford, MS, LNHA
    Executive Director


    • z kapadia November 28, 2017 / 2:08 pm


      Thank you for insightful comment. You are absolutely right that many countries are just starting to grapple with the issue of caring for seniors in alternative settings that are more conducive to wellness and happiness. These settings begin with the home of course (i.e., aging-in-place), and then gradually shift to assisted living when the individual needs more support and socialization. Kristof’s approach is remarkable in that it is ahead of the curve in Central Europe and he is very sensitive to the needs of seniors who wish to remain independent as long as possible. Perhaps you would like to speak with Kristof further? I think you have a lot of expertise to offer in this area.



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